A Few Words On VoIP

| 10.02.2015 |

Today, our tech spotlight shines on the VoIP world, and our friends from Specialty Answering Service offers infographic insight on the topic.

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Madison And The Need For The Commerce Clause

| 10.01.2015 |

The most controversial of provisions in the Constitution among those of the more libertarian bent is the Commerce Clause. Most recently, this clause has come under assault by those who wish to justify the legalization of marijuana. The Commerce Clause is one of the pillars to the Federal power within the Constitution, and it is necessary for the states to be united as one nation. Without this clause, every government adopted by our Founding Fathers would have collapsed like the one formed by the Articles of Confederation.

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Building A Fraud-Free Family

| 09.30.2015 |

A generation ago, most families didn't think about financial fraud. Today, it can come in many forms – over the phone, through the mail and increasingly, online. It's an equal opportunity crime that affects consumers of all ages.

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Candidate Spotlight: Rand Paul's Vision For The Future

| 09.29.2015 |

Our series on the presidential candidates continues with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who is seeking the Republican nomination. This video comes from the declaration of his presidential candidacy in April, where he spelled out his vision for the nation.

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Dr. Rahul Razdan, founder and CEO of Ocoos, Ocala, Fla.

| 09.28.2015 |

Dr. Rahul Razdan is no stranger to the business world: He holds a PhD in computer science from Harvard, is named on 24 issued patents and has over 20 of years executive management experience in a variety of roles in sales, R&D, and marketing. His latest endeavor is Ocoos, a cloud-based platform that enables business owners to build a world-class marketing solution for their distinctive interests.

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