10 Questions For Elizabeth Warren

| 06.27.2016 |

Earlier today, Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared at a Hillary Clinton campaign rally in Ohio - a rather odd place to find someone elected to represent Massachusetts residents. Warren and Clinton actually have very little in common, except for one key defect: both women are deathly afraid of answering media questions.

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The Next Big Thing? - Cyber Dust

| 06.24.2016 |

Cyber Dust is a messaging system that is designed to offer the greatest level of security in today's mobile market. "Your messages are protected from screenshots and disappear after they are read," the company promises on its website. "They are heavily encrypted and never touch a hard drive- not even our own. Once your messages are gone they are truly gone forever never to be recovered."

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A Penthouse For Phil?

| 06.23.2016 |

I very rarely get scared, but something recently arrived in my mailbox that gave me cause to shudder.

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Sponsored Film Classic: Harken In The 1976 Olympics

| 06.21.2016 |

Forty years ago, the Summer Olympics were held in Montreal. In anticipation of the quadrennial event, the sailboat hardware manufacturer Harken produced this film highlighting how its products were being used by athletes competing the Olympic sailing events.

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Ezra Zimmerman, founder of EZ Moving LLC, Ridgefield, Conn.

| 06.20.2016 |

EZ Moving provides moving, junk hauling, tree removal, snow plowing and home maintenance services in the lower Fairfield County section of Connecticut. Its founder, Ezra Zimmerman, created the company following some seriously inclement weather.

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